About Me - Laurence Wong

Hong Kong is famous for its magnificent skyline, but if you were born there like me, you probably don't think much of it. After all, it's familiar and you see it all the time.

So when I first got my hands on a digital camera 10 years ago one summer and started photographing the city, I was stunned by its incredible diversity of sceneries and colors. I would visit and revisit the same places over and over again, since even the familiar views can look vastly different on different days. The camera, I began to realize, isn't just a recording device. It's glasses that enabled seeing.

This site is a collection of things I've seen. I hope it is also a collection of things you've seen or will want to see. If these pictures invoke a memory, I hope you will bookmark it, save a copy, or buy a physical print. If they contain something unfamiliar, I hope they'll make you want to go see in person too.


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